How to find a good diaper bag?

A diaper bag is one of those accessories, without which a mother can never imagine moving out of the house. While holding diapers for a baby, it also helps to arrange and carry other things that a baby might need, when she is taken out to a social get-together, picnic, and party or dropped at crèche or a baby day care. So, when you are going to get a diaper bag for your baby or gift it to your dear friend on her baby’s birth, just consider these points to get a good diaper bag. These might help to make a perfect purchase.


The first thing to consider is the space it has. You won’t be carrying diapers alone. You will need a reasonably sized baby sheet too, in case you have to change in the car or any other random place. Check for space so that you are able to carry a pair of clothes for your baby, in case you need a quick change. It must also accommodate all the things needed for a day’s travel like feeding bottles, warm water bottle, formula pack, a toy or two, a small towel etc.

diaper 3

Compartments or pockets

Size is important for a diaper bag, but having a number of compartments or pockets in the diaper bag will help you in organizing the stuff you want to carry. Check your options for zipped and unzipped compartments. The pockets should be of varying sizes so that you can pack different things needed by your baby.

Comfortable to carry

The diaper bag should be easy to carry with different kinds of straps. The straps should be adjustable to carry the bag on shoulder and in hand. As you have to carry your baby and the bag together, so it is necessary to have a comfortable-to-carry bag. If possible you should be able to hang it on the stroller or pram handle while going for shopping.

diaper 4

Easy to clean

The diaper bag is aimed to carry all the things needed by the baby, so hygiene cannot be ignored at any cost. The diaper bag is prone to get dirty after each use.  You must check that the diaper bag can be easily cleaned or washed. Its fabric of construction should require less maintenance and must be robust to go a long way. It should be able to bear the routine and expected rough handling.

In a nutshell

The diaper bag is an essential accessory you need while traveling or on outings with you baby. Ensure its versatility and enjoy every moment with your bundle of joy.

Why I Love Steam Irons Much More than Regular Irons

Irons for eliminating creases and wrinkles from clothes have been around since the 1900s, but this does not mean that a lot of things have not happened since then. The most important development, in my humble opinion, is the advent of steam irons. Compared to regular irons, these ones have plenty of advantages, and I want to name a few.


For starters, when I am using a steam iron, I am doing a better job much faster. Whenever I stumble over a nasty crease, all I have to do is to burst some extra steam over it, and get it over with, without any frustration. Regular irons are, unfortunately, less effective and they are remaining behind with each passing day. Frankly, when I want my clothes to look their best, I steam iron, because this is how I achieve what I want.


Less taxing

Have you ever tried using a regular iron? Those things are really heavy and they can break your back if you insist on getting the same results as you do with steam irons. Try that a little and you will feel like your hands and shoulders want to fall off! Steam irons are not taxing at all for your arms and shoulders. Actually, I think the manufacturers are struggling to make them more lightweight, so you don’t have to feel any distress while you are using one of these.


Extra options

Don’t you love having extra options when you are using a steam iron? Some have auto shutoff function, so you will not threaten to burn down your home because you failed to remember you were doing the ironing when your best friend called, your cat wanted an extra serving of cat delights, or your kid came back from school with all kinds of stories to tell you. There is also the burst feature that helps you add extra steam where you want, and some models even allow you to do vertical steaming, which is great for delicate fabrics.


All in all, I would not change my steam iron for a regular one, no matter who tries to convince me otherwise. If you are interested in getting one, here are some nice steam iron reviews.